Lightning Network in UnicornGO. Buy CandyCoin at Lightning speed


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The UnicornGO project has got some great news!

Our DAPP has obtained a reputation of the most advanced one. To support such reputation, in the new release of the game we plan to implement a feature of purchasing CandyCain for Bitcoin in a matter of seconds. This will be possible thanks to a Lightning Network technology offered by our partners Coin Gate.

Lightning Network is a payment protocol allowing for momentary transactions between participating nodes.Between two nodes of the network a payment channel is formed.Each of the channel’s two nodes will block a certain amount in the Bitcoin blockchain to make the channel work, which will forever solve the problem of slow transactions in the Bitcoin network.

Why haven't you heard anything about it? Because it is a totally new technology evolving at almost same speed as CandyCoins will be getting to you at, in exchange for Bitcoin, on our official website. Life it too short to spend it on transactions!
But that’s not all about speed!Do you remember long periods when you had to wait for confirmation of transactions in UnicornGO or any other Dapp based on the Ethereum network?It’s over now.

UnicoenGO is switching to EtherZero blockchain which features momentary and free transactions.No more spending on commissions in the highly loaded Ethereum network.

UnicornGO. A nice game for intelligent people!So, as from now, to grasp the essence of the game, you will no longer need to be smart. We are widening our audience, and the smartest users develop new strategies on earning CandyCoin in the game.

We have also prepared gifts for all the users who own an Android device. UnicornGO launches a mobile app that will allow having unicorns at hand and swiftly reacting to messages in the in-game chat which is yet another new development for users.
Communicate with each other, leave your comments and be part of clans!…And keep breeding in the game. After all, it is funny and safely!

The updated version of UnicornGO game is to be launched (preliminary) from 15th to 20th August.

Our friends and partners are also working and UnicornGO is getting integrated with them even earlier than dates described in our roadmap.
- BasisNeuro. A pre-production prototype of the neuro gadget has been produced. Its appearance was created by aesthetic geniuses from Tesla Design.
- IZX. The guys are completing preparation works for switching to EtherZero blockchain after us.Everybody likes free and momentary transactions.
- Universa. This company has prepared a fundamental report for the community about 100 fruitful days of work.To read more, please visit

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