News from UnicornGo – 23 March 2018


Staff member
Hello everyone!

Here is our short news for March 23, 2018:

• The leading story for today is that we have started working on mobile version of the game and created an HTML dummy for smartphones and tablets; we continue working in this direction: completing things etc.;

• Worked on the architecture of plots of land and titles; also worked on interfaces for land and the unicorn overview page;

• We continue working on the sharing via social media function, for you to be able to share your pets with your friends via social networks.

Weekend is coming, and one can take a rest for a while… wait… weekend? What is this? No, we haven’t heard anything about it. We work on our project everyday. Every single day!

Follow our news!

Yours sincerely,

UnicornGO workaholics.