Cooldown after breeding — SEXRTIO gene


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After a general study of the genetics of the game and the description of RACE gene, let's move on to the next gene. Today I would like to talk about the SEXRTIO gene. This gene determines the recovery rate (cooldown) of the unicorn after breeding. The fact is that after the unicorn produced offspring, he needs a little rest. Well, you, too, rest after this, because it's true. So are the unicorns.

Like any other gene (except for the RACE gene), the SEXRTIO gene takes values from 0 to 255. One of these values corresponds to one recovery rate. But this dependence is extremely difficult, my lab assistants in the genetic laboratory spent a bunch of unicorn-years to reveal the dependence. Today I will tell you everything that we found, but you must understand that all this is inaccurate. So...

1. The value of the SEXRTIO gene can't be changed in the genetic laboratory. We tried alot, but some hidden mechanism keeps the value that was established at birth.

2. There are four classes of rarity for recovery rates: super-rare, rare, unusual, usual. In each class there are two speeds — slow and fast.

3. The correspondence of the values of the gene to the classes of rarity of the rate of recovery is:

[0; 1] — super-rare
[2; 7] — rare
[8; 27] — unusual
[28; 255] — usual

4. The even values of the gene in the interval of the rarity class correspond to the fast speeds, and the odd values of the gene are slow.

5. The rule of dominance is common for genes. The higher the value of a gene, the more it dominates. Accordingly, everything will tend to normal speeds, but at the same time slow speeds will slightly dominate.

6. Finally, the speed classifier:

* Super-rare fast — Instant: 1 hour
* Rare fast — Energetic: 2 — 4 hours
* Unusual fast — Quick: 8 — 12 hours
* Ordinary fast — Fast: 16 — 24 hours
* Normal slow — Slow: 36 — 48 hours
* Unusual slow — Inexhaustible: 72 — 96 hours
* Rare slow — Brake: 120 — 144 hours
* Super-rare slow — Turtle: 168 hours

Something like that...