News from UnicornGo – 26 March 2018


Staff member
Hello everybody!

A new working week has started, and we continue our fruitful work.

Here is our short news for today, March 26, 2018:
• Tested our marketplace; worked with the painters and now we are developing our economic model;

• Worked on plots of lands and commissions for transactions in Ethereum;

• Added freezing time, and now it can be viewed in unicorn’s card. We also updated filters; worked on design also;

• Completed the unicorn page, worked on SEO;

• Adjusted analytics and added Terms of Use. Worked on the interface of unicorn overview page.

Follow our news; soon we’ll complete the first release of the game.




Lord of the cubs
Staff member
Hi I run a hotel in the UK called The Unicorn. I was wondering how to advertise this to my customers in the hotel as a kind of gimmick and how we could benefit from this if at all

Also what will be the guide prices for land in the game?
You can check for a few calling pictures here: hang it on the wall in lobby, when create qrcode with your reflink, and hang it below!