What’s already available in UnicornGo and what can you expect in future? (Updated june 1st 2018)


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Greetings dear players and investors!

In this post we will tell you what there is currently available in the game and what will be implemented in the near future. We will be regularly creating such press releases to keep you informed about our development progress in a clear and straightforward manner without using confusing technical terms.

What is currently available in the game?
● At this moment, you can buy unicorns either for CandyCoin or Ethereum. Also, you can view your owned unicorns and their attributes on your personal page.

● The marketplace, where all unicorns that have been created so far are traded. This is also where you can find unicorns for breeding, put your own unicorns for sale and evaluate future opponents in tournaments.

● Land plots and growing MegaCandy

What you can expect in the near future:

● In-game Exchange to trade Candy & MegaCandy
● Tournaments, where you can fight and earn prizes.
● A better interface for viewing unicorns and their genetic characteristics that is simple and easy for anyone to understand.

Now a bit more about land and titles.
Titles (mostly probably 10 in total) will act as a “rank” in the game, they can be bought, and affect the following:

1. (main purpose) Titles act as a restriction on land ownership, the lower the title rank, the less land plots the user can own. In order to have more land ownership rights, a higher ranked title is required.

2. Titles also affect the number of votes that a user has (votes are used to make important game decisions, e.g. new planet creation)

Land plots are used for growing trees CandyTree. Only one tree can be grown on one plot of land at a time. All land plots will be rendered on a separate page with land and a castle. Different types of castles for every title!

To grow MegaCandy, you must to have at least one land plot. Click Plant - and in one hour you can Harvest MegaCandy.
What are MegaCandy used for? First of all they can be sold for profit, just like unicorns, land and CandyCoin (which are all tokens on the Ethereum network). Secondly, MegaCandy is used as a booster for unicorns.

After breeding or taking part in tournaments, a unicorn loses energy, and in order to restore that energy, time is needed. You can feed MegaCandy to a unicorn to immediately restore the depleted energy. In this way, with the help of MegaCandy, a unicorn can be used continuously for breeding or matches in tournaments (both can result in generating CandyCoin, which means that the unicorn participating in tournaments or breeding is a potential source of money).

Strategy for income and earnings
We have intensively worked to perfect the game balance in order to prevent inflation, which is a frequent issue in other games. We have implemented limited resources, and in-game restrictions on production of consumables.

As a result, the game will have many profitable strategies and earning opportunities.

Example 1: We buy a simple title, several plots of land and several unicorns. Grow trees on land plots to get MegaCandy and simply sell them on the market. Meanwhile offering the unicorns for breeding and participating in tournaments, to get profit without investing any more money. This way we can earn a slow income without needing any extra investment.

Example 2: We own several plots of land and several unicorns. We grow trees on the land, sell the resulting fruits for Candy, which we then use to buy more land and more unicorns, therefore increasing the amount of owned assets.

Example 3: We own several plots of land and several unicorns. We grow trees on the land, and use the fruit for restoring unicorns, which we constantly use for breeding to earn more Candy. Using the Candy, we buy new unicorns, etc.

As you have noticed, landowners in the game act as industrialists and entrepreneurs, who have the means of production and release the in-game resource, MegaCandy. Such users act as “donors” of resources in the game. In other words, landowners can be called partners within the game or co-owners of the company as they own a part of the assets that produce resources.

The winner in tournaments receives a prize in the form of Candy tokens. Of course unicorns with better attributes will have more chances of winning (although not only the strongest, as tournaments will have different kinds of challenges, based on speed, agility, etc). So it is worth to buy or breed unicorns with higher attribute values. Candy received from tournaments can be used for any of the above mentioned strategies.

As a result, we have a game that is not just “buy cryptocreatures and breed” but an evolving virtual world with different roles and ways of development.
Each user can create their own creative approach to the game, carrying out their own plans.

There is a lot of room for analysis, for building your own “money farm” or a whole unicorn breeding stable. And the most interesting part is that depending on the user’s nature and capabilities, everyone in the game will have their own approach to achieving their goals. Isn’t that great?
We have specifically decided to create the game based on blockchain technology. Thanks to decentralization, we as developers create the game conditions, but do not have any further influence on its progress, as each player determines the outcome. And because of this, we anticipate a rapid development of our universe. We await a community consisting of different languages, user developed game tools (3rd party tools), satisfied crypto-owners and a whole virtual world grown through the order of decentralization.

We have many more ideas for further expansion of the game, new features and interfaces.

So stay tuned for our next press release. We promise it will be fun!

Yours truly,
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